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About us

Nice to meet you!

Ga-Den Map is a young fast-growing company, which creates, develops and produces awesome wall world maps, country maps and maps of smaller regions from various materials.

Why did we create “Ga-Den Map”?

We want you to discover the world with our maps. We want you to learn new countries, their culture and languages. We want our maps to bring knowledge and power to your living or working space. Through traveling a person can become open-minded, that is why every day we put our work and soul into our maps, maps for kids and adults, companies and schools, restaurant and airports, and many more.

We take care and put a lot of effort into every single detail, when we make our maps.

We love what we do, respect our clients and we are so excited to grow and develop, we strive to become better and better each day.
Today we have more than 20 people in our team. Production of 300 square meters. Showroom in the center of Moscow. It has been 2 years and we have made more than 3500 maps and sent them all over the world. We have our loyal clients and more than 140 followers on Instagram. There is still such a long road ahead of us and we cannot wait to walk it!