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WOODEN WORLD MAP (tulipwood)
WOODEN WORLD MAP (tulipwood)
WOODEN WORLD MAP (tulipwood)
WOODEN WORLD MAP (tulipwood)
WOODEN WORLD MAP (tulipwood)
WOODEN WORLD MAP (tulipwood)

WOODEN WORLD MAP (tulipwood)

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🌎 The world map consists of five parts, corresponding to five continents: North America, South America, Eurasia, Africa and Australia.

🌎 Countries and country boarders, states and their boarders, capitals, main cities of the USA and the world, rivers, lakes and large islands are illustrated on the map.

🌎 Oceans, seas, gulfs and smaller islands, which are impossible to cut out, are printed on the substrate.



📍 Easy installation. All map pieces are connected on the back panel. No glue, no understanding where to connect the continents and island, etc. Map comes ready to install.

📍 All installation hardware and instructions are provided in the packaging.

📍 Map is customizable. If you need to mark a specific city, add some special engraving or the logo of your firm, just text us in the chat or via email. Every requiest is possible.

📍 We put a lot of efford into creating our packaging. It looks safe and sturdy, it looks cool and your package will be gift-ready.

📍 Our maps are made according to Mercator projection. This projection is used by many navigation systems, including Google Maps.

📍 By standard our maps are done in English language. However, you can request your language. Just text us in the on-line chat :) 


  • MDF board (6 mm) or PVC (5 mm)
  • Acrylic back pannel (3 mm)
  • Steel mounting standoffs (15 mm)

MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) - this material is similar to wood. You cannot insert pushpins in it.

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) - this is a special plastic material. You can insert pushpins in the map, it would not leave any marks.


  • S - 40x25 inch (100x62 cm)
  • M - 59x37 inch (150x94 cm)
  • L - 79x50 inch (200х126 cm)
  • XL - 98x62 inch (250х157 cm)
  • XLL - 118x74 inch (300x189 cm)

Delivery: Free standard post delivery. You also have and option of express UPS delivery. For the XL and XXL maps express shipping is FREE.

Package weight and dimentions:

  • S - 60x50x7 cm (24x20x3 inch), 3 kg (7 lbs)
  • M - 87x70x7 cm (34x28x3 inch), 6 kg (13 lbs)
  • L - 120x90x7 cm (47x35x3 inch), 10 kg (22 lbs)
  • XL - 141x110x7 cm (56x43x3 inch), 12 kg (26.4 lbs)
  • XLL - 170x120x7 cm (67x47x3 inch), 16 kg (35.2 lbs)

Due to the large size of XL and XLL maps, these maps come in their individual package.

    Please NOTICE that due to the large dimensions of the package you may need to pay customs and import taxes. The amount of taxes depends on your country's laws. We are not responsible for them.

    Made in Russia.

    If you still have any questions, please, feel free to write to us in the chat.