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Amazing quality


I'd been searching for quite a while and finally had chosen Ga-Den. Because they, in my opinion, have the best design. 

Quality is amazing! Guys did a really good job, I know they are reading the reviews and always working on improving their maps. 

Far countries become closer


Last black friday, instead of buying a new extractor hood, we bought this map :) Now thanks to Ga-Den far countries became closer.

Room make-over


We've got the Ga-Den world map for our oldest son's room. Thank you so much! It is a true room make-over! Timimg was excellent and we love the color. Also we liked the packaging a lot.

Advise to everyone! Great as a gift. Now we are looking which type to get as a gift and to whom.

Showing off my cool map


Finally shoemaker has shoes and our kids have furniture. We haven't finished yet, but I already love it. I will for sure show everything off soon.

For now let me show off our cool map from Ga-Den, Egor reads names of countires and cities with great pleasure.

Comfy as home


We've got an urgent individual order from "Park-hotel Horizon". Our designer quickly drew the map in their chosen colors. We and the client love the result.

A dare to the routine


The map decorates our home. Ga-Den map is a true dare to the routine. No TV or posh paintings. Just inspiration for future adventures! As a family of geologists and travelers, we find it such a pleasant entertaining evening activity to learn capitals and memorize the continents location  :) Guys, thank you so much for your work! Let the boarders be only on your maps and not in your minds!

Where our graduates are


This map has a quite unique story: we have got it as a present from our university graduates, because we are a non-profit organization and our whole office is a community project of our ex-students.

SPBGU graduates live all over the world, this is why we absulutelly needed the map to understand how far our community has grown! 

Friends admire it


I couldn't stop thinking about the empty wall above the couch, cause I did not imagine any mirror or painting there. Fortunately I saw a post on insta about Ga-Den maps, their gorgeous and luxurious oak map put a final stop in my stuggles of finding a perfect room decor piece. The map is cool! I adore natural wood. My friends love it! Some even asked for a photoshoot with it. Thank you!

Map in "Lefortovo" showroom


PIK is a large constuction company group, they built and sell housing. In every apartment complex they have showrooms, in one of them our map has fround its place.

What we dreamt of!


How many times have Tom and I dreamt about a map?! How many times were we ready to order but something always went wrong? Finally we did it!
I don't know who is more happy: Tom - because there is an interesting wall in his room, or me - because I have finally found an ideal map!

That is what I dreamt of. I wanted a cork map with cool and beautiful design, like wood maps have. And I wanted it to be big, covering the whole wall. And without any cons!

Thank you so much!

Map instead of mural


The owner of the room, as any young girl, loves to hang posters and photos on the walls. The client said, that she would not allow to ruin the walls after the renovation and we've decided that we should make a cork murrel. Searching for it, we have found this amazing map.

Even the handyman wants this map


I came back and we finally hanged the map. Thank you so much, it's so cool! Even the handyman, who was installing the map, was surprised and said that he had never seen anything like this before :)

You are awesome


Ga-Den, you are awesome - young, ambitious and I can feel you love what you do! We really felt amazing at every stage of getting the map - starting with talking to the sales manager/delivery/unpacking, to installation/results/emotions. Thank you so much!

Imagination map


There is no such thing as too many maps. This one is hanging in my office/balcony/adult lounge.

Geographic acupuncture. You know, everyone Карт много не бывает. Висит она в моем кабинете. Он же балкон. Он же взрослый лаунж.
Географическая иглотерапия. Знаете, сейчас все фанатеют от досок визуализации, а у меня вот карта визуализации!

Bought for parents, now we want one


When we don't have flags - toothpics come to save. See the goal, don't care for stuggles. Thanks to Ga-Den team for such a cool map! This one we gifted to parents, now we want one ;)

Husbans is glad, kid is happy


Ones I saw this map on the internet. Showed it to my husband, obviously he liked this map a lot. We ordered it from Ga-Den. Very active guys, the delivery came in quickly, straight to our door. Our son loved the map so much, but this is another story!) Long story short the husband is glad, the kid is happy and I am even happier, seeing them!)

That's it!


I've been dreaming of decorating my room in loft style. This summer my dream came true. But I could not grasp what I wanted to be hanging on the wall. Then the ad on insta popped up with Ga-Den maps.

And I realised "THAT'S IT!":

▪️   not too heavy
▪️   stylish
▪️   high-quality
▪️   ideal for travel lovers

Now my map is on its place, making me happy and my baby penquin and I are choosing our next destination spot!

They learn countries


When mom loves to travel, kids from very early age start to learn about a world map.

Before I used an electronic map to pin the countries, where I've been, but screen does not compare to reality. Now we have this beautiful Ga-Den map, I've been searching for one for a while and got super happy when I saw it on Instagram. You stick a flag into it and you can imagine the views, emotions, that you felt in that country. In addition, it is a great method of visualizing you dreams!

Zlata and Sonya now have even more desire to learn the countries. Yesterday, they didn't even take a nap, I came in and they were reading the map :)

It makes us happy everyday


How does Ga-Den map differ from christmas lights? We can keep it after Christmas holidays and it can make us happy everyday.

Map smells like a fireplace


I've spend a lot of time researching different maps, at some point Facebook even started showing me American companies. But I finalized my choice on a Ga-Den map.
My man is the happiest about the map, he is sitting on the couch every evening with a wine glass and states that "the map smells like a fireplace".

Kids are pleased too, they can stick flag pins in the map and hang our photos from the trips or plan the next one.

We haven't decided if we will do it, since the map looks very stylish without the pins.

Not just a map, the whole world!


Ga-Den is not just a map, it's the whole world!

The map of dreams and aspiration. You choose a country, pin it on the map, some time passes and you open your eyes in the new place, full of mistery and adventure.

Now in our park you can see the wide geography of our animals native habitat and see the deepest, most secretive places of our planet )

Now it decorates our office


We have finally got our wonderful map from Ga-Den and now it decorates our office "EOS TOUR". Thank you!

Ideal color


The map of our loyal customer is the main decorative piece in his son's room. It fits the room ideally, another con of this wonderful map.

Thanks to our client for trust in us, we really appreciate it! :)

The road starts with a dream


The road of any great traveler starts with a dream...

When I first saw the oak map from Ga-Den, I immediately imagined it on our wooden wall. It has fit in perfectly!

Ideal size

Thank you! Everything was installed. I was worrying about the size, but it is perfect. Im very pleased :)

Easily installed


The cork map from Ga-Den had to be hanged on the most visible place. Now it's its home :) In my opinion - ideal! I hanged it myself, after kids had gone to sleep, it was very easy, I just used a cross screwdriver and a power drill :)

I want a map for my interior

The client wrote: "a map with flag pushpins (it is important), which would fit in my interior". He send us the photo of his room, we quickly found the best option for him.

A map for Vladimir Etush


When the team of russian 1st national channel said that the guest of the show was Vladimir Etush, we knew that our map of Russia would suit him perfectly, because there are no place in Russia that does not know about Vladimir.

Unbelievable beauty

OLGA LARCHENKO ("Ideal Renovation" editor)

We have found you online. There are a lot of maps, but it is clear that yours are high-quality. When we installed it in the Etush' house and saw it in real life, we wanted one for ourselves. It was the time of renovation in our house, we did not want any paintings and we travel a lot. It is so beautiful and high-quality. The packaging is presentable. The map is easy to install. Thank you so much! Everyone is asking, where we've got it from. Btw we saw it first in the house of our designer, he has your map also.

The boss was excited like a little kid

Thank you so much for this beauty! Our boss was so happy, excited like a little kid! 10 out of 10! Thank you again!!! This map is wonderful and incredibly stylish <3

We mark where the brand are from


Our map got in a women clothing boutique.
They mark the origins of brand with flag pushpins. Very interesting and creative approach.

Ideal gift

The best option for a birthday gift! The bday boy is happy and the guests are entertained :)

Plan for new trips


Travelling is one of my hobbies. I've counted, I've been in 31 countries.

When we were renovating the apartment, we left one wall in the hallway for the map! So we could remember, dream and plan for new trips! Our blue wallpaper now seems like oceans and seas! Now we are ordering flag pushpins to mark every country we go to. So romantic <3

Travelling science


Geography for me is a travelling science. Visualisation is the best assistant to understand it. The world map helps to realise your place on the Earth also it is just very beautiful!

The oak dream


Our cool Ga-Den map arrived. This map is the oak dream of an incredible beauty!

The dream came true


The renovation in the living room is not over, but the dream about a Ga-Den map has already come true!

Wall finally looks good


Yaaayyy!!! The wall finally looks good!!!

Map will memorize our routes


Next time we are going to Australia or Atlantica, Kusya, the cat, haven't decided yet. And our map will memorize our routes :)

Original map


Finally we've purchased the original Ga-Den world map. Thank you for such a beauty! 

I am planning the routes


My hobby and a favorite thing to do is to plan my travels. Then realise the plans and live one-two weeks on the way. To make the process of planning the routes easier I've hung the map from Ga-Den in my room! Everytime I pass it by, I start getting excited and visualising my next trip.

Hall sparkles with new colors


Now our hall sparkles with new colors! Noone just passes by the map. Our clients, travelers, point out their hometowns with so much love and talk about the places they've visited. We are so thankful for this wonderful decor piece!

No more fridge magnets


My little dream came true with Ga-Den! No more fridge magnets, I don't want to scratch the new fridge anyway. Girls, thank you for this gift!


Fit perfectly


A story of one map. Our map was waiting for its moment for more than a year! Finally, it came and the map took its place! Our oldest son's room. It was a housewarming gift :) We had bought it long time before we moved in and it fits perfectly. Thank you Ga-Den!

Very happy


"Thank you for the map! We are super happy!"

This map was an individual design, specially made for the violet interior :)

The best gift


The best New Year's gift! Thank you!

Big, heavy and so cool!


Did you know that visualisation and dream boards always work? I am sure of it. That is my on my birthday my mom, who knows about my passion of travelling, has send me a world map. It is so bid, heavy and cool! I can;t wait to move in my new apartment and hang it. Thank you!

We are happy

Thank you so much! We are absolutelly happy!

Added our hometome


This year I've got my New Year's present with a little delay, but it was worth to wait!!! Ga-Den World Map. Quality, style, packaging, everything, even the istallation instructions - I fell in love! I asked to add my hometown and they did. Thank you!

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